New Schools for Joplin Area


Joplin’s high school along with several other of its school were destroyed on that fateful day in May 2011. Yet we are now almost fully completely rebuilt school wise. Many of the high school students have gone up to 3 campuses at this point, and to finally have a school to call home is nice.

Joplin has been rebuilding the past 3 years since the destructive night, and it has been quite a treat. They have struggled with everything, from unexpected mines where they thought were very few to other things. Yet to see the new school finally being occupied is a nice blessing.

It has been a messy 3 years but yet as we chug on ahead in this new life for all of Joplin students, there will be joy and yes bittersweet moments. It is nice to see the school almost and completely finished (the high school).

So many changes are happening to the landscape in the Joplin area sometimes I remember what was there but other times I cannot remember what actually is there. Sometimes it makes me want to cry other times it is oh my what is that? Things will further change on 20th street when they construct a bypass, and traffic is going to get crazy. I pray that Joplin will figure out how to make the traffic around the churches, neighbourhoods, resturants in the area run smoothly until it is done.

No matter what, there is joy in the students faces as they come to a new school. Since the tornado was on a Sunday, it would have been a whole lot worse if it had happened on a school day. Yet back in 2011 none of the local area schools did not have shelters for a disaster. There no community shelters which are tied to the schools. It may have been an expensive projects to be completed, but looking at the long end and the thick of it, there are blessings that come from it.

Pre tornado Joplin High was crowded and it seemed that the amendment or proposal they put on the voting ballot never passed. It took a tornado to get the new school and everything.

All the while the landscape areas have changed. Irving has relocated and is in a nice spot, but there is still a lot of land that needs to be used.

East Middle School was actually opened the year the tornado hit Joplin. Ironically it was rebuilt for the students who live on the east side of town. It was nice from what I hear.

Many may have seen the cameras that recorded the tornado from inside the school building. They have found out that the hallways are unsafe and not a protective spot for keeping children safe. Enterprise Alabama went through the same thing Joplin has gone through. The hallways are so unsafe that this is why we have built shelters/community shelters for the community hit so hard.

It is nice to see the schools filling up with students, and to realize that they need more room. In time these issues will iron themselves out or perhaps let additions to the schools will help them with all the kids.

Let us congradulate Joplin and the schools for having the students first in temporary school and that they now have new schools. Let us also pray for them and that they will be used for God’s glory.


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