Messy Beautiful Love By Darlene Schacht Book Review



Marriages are messy. Marriages are beautiful. Marriages have the ingredient of love in them. Yet Darlene writes to the truth of marriages on her blog Time Warp Wife. She has a new book coming out Today called Messy Beautiful Love. 
I feel blessed by this new book of hers because of how God lead me to find her online in the blogosphere a few years ago. This is also another blessing to help her promote her new book Messy Beautiful Love. 
Darlene writes with pure honesty in her book about how the affair could have torn her marriage apart but God had another plan for it. She writes that it was God’s redeeming grace how their marriage stayed together through the toughest of times.
Darlene was given so much wisdom by God to write this book to reach out to other women who are in this exact same situation or who just want to improved her relationship with her husband and Jesus. She also reminds us that Jesus is and should be the center of all our marriages. 
I for one being a newly married in December 2011 was blessed by this book because I now have found myself trying to do the challenges. Intentionally putting things to the side to listen and pay attention to my husband. I intentionally strive or am trying to strive to improve our communication skills as a couple. Yes I admit sometimes I fail, but with God I can do all things. 

“Regardless of how long you’ve been married or how strong your relationship, it’s inevitable that you will struggle in some way. Love is a beautiful thing, but it is Messy at times.”

    —Darlene Schacht Pg 14 

It truly doesn’t matter how long we all have been married or how we came to be married, struggles will come. Yet this is all beautiful. She reminds us that marriage is like the church and Christ. We are to be like Christ. 
How many of us want to have the last word? How many of us just want to be right? Chapter 4 Give up your right to be right would be a sore thumb for all of us because of the talk of money. Darlene shares how her husband loves to spoil her with gifts, but yet she is not a big spender like he is. As a couple they sat down and tried to go over the budget, and without pointing fingers. Darlene realized that Her husband Michael was at war with his spirit. Flesh vs spirit. She said

“It is more important for him to walk in peace than win.”

Pg 41

Her husband was fighting for their marriage than anything else. We all need to do this. At the end of this chapter, Darlene challenges us to walk in the spirit, as we struggle against the flesh.

“Challenges us to hold our tongues, exercise patience, and train ourselves in humility. “

(PG 56)

So now I ask you, What will you fight for in your marriage? What will ask God to do with you?

Today is the Release of Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht, You may want to pick it up at the local christian bookstore, or perhaps online. yes here is where you can also order it: Messy Beautiful Love.

***I received a free pdf from Darlene Schacht in exchange for my honest review and quotes have been given with permission from Darlene Schacht.

God doesn't give up on you. Don't give up on your Marriage. -- Darlene Schacht

God doesn’t give up on you. Don’t give up on your Marriage. — Darlene Schacht


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