Change is always difficult. It is harder when it is the most unexpected times. This is what a disaster can do to a survivor. Change is always not easy. It is not always what seems best. It is messy, belongings strung to and fro. From the disaster site to the temporary home, and to fight for what is right for your family.

Change can be great but also a blessing in disguise because God may have something even more spectacular in disguise of the disaster. Life changes in such a way that it can blow our mind. This is also a way to reach out to those who need Jesus and change their lives for eternity.

Changing those lives who do not know Jesus are continally searching for something post disaster. They are searching for someone to fill a void that has always needed to be filled.

My journey as a survivor from an EF5 tornado that destroyed 1/3 of my hometown has been quite a journey. This journey you may think

oh it is easy

but it is not easy. Easy is not something that comes to mind to those who are struggling with new routines, temporary homes, new toys, new specials toys, new binkies, new life, new difficulties. New, new, new everything and these changes can be the hardest thing ever. Changes are never easy to handle sometimes. They can be difficult.

The difficult part in the survivors life are the changes to routines, insurance, and temporary place. It is difficult to deal with, but God will help you through these difficulties. The difficulties in the journey.

This journey will be messy. This journey as a survivor will be beautiful but there will be love from family.


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