Closing of Modesty Series

This marks the closing of the modesty series. This time last year was the highest traffic I had on my blog.

It does seems that modesty is a hot topic. Each of the viewpoints on modesty will be different. Some may think “oh this is not for me” but yet draw attention to self. The person who we should be drawing attention to is Christ, for we reflect him. We are to be lights shining to others.

Modesty can be very different from each person. Some may prefer to wear skirts or perhaps dresses while some feel it is okay to wear pants and shorts, perhaps even capris. Sometimes we are the only Jesus that they will ever see, and show them who he is.

Do my actions meet who I am to be by his Word?

Am I a light to others?

Does what I wear detrect others from a personal relationship with Christ?

Does my testimony reflect him inside and out?

Am I trying to impress others or tol act like Christ?


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