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Today is five minute Friday @ Kate Motaung who has now taken the reigns from Lisa Jo Baker for  the Five Minute Friday. Today bloggers gather from all over the states and world wide to write on one prompt given to us on Thursday night @ midnight. We write for five minutes on a timer and connect @ Kate Motaung – Five Minute Friday. We will then go and encourage other bloggers on the same prompt.

Today’s Prompt is: Whisper

Now Go!

Whisper. Whispering the Word into your littlebits ear of how Great God is. How He has brought you through the hard things. How He told you which path to follow.

For a survivor it is knowing his voice as he guides you through the hardest decisions that affect you and your family. Whispering strength through His Word, and you in turn tell your family what he has done for you. Sometimes it is not the easiest things he whispers into your ear. Sometimes obedience is not always easy but obedience is worth what blessings he has instore for you.

A survivor who has deep faith depends on the whispers of our Father who is walking through the disaster no matter how messy the disaster is. His whispers help you regain your faith and trust but also the next step of faith he takes you. He whispers the path you need to go, whether (stop) it is to the right or to the left.

He whispers the paths that are right for you. He guides you on the right path he wants you to go.

What is the Heavenly Father whispering in Your Ear?


2 responses to “Whisper

  1. We are neighbors today for Five Minute Friday and I love your take on our prompt! I love that He whispers to us and guides our way – through every circumstance and situation, if we will but quiet ourselves and listen! Great post!

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