This one thing we all dread is the swimsuit shopping. Yet even some schools require swimsuits because they have a swim unit in P.E. I also hope yours is not in the middle of winter.

The swimsuit matter is hard. Again swimsuits have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. Our culture tells us less is more. Less is the way you get the guy. But no it is not the way you get the guy. The Bible tells us otherwise. We are examples to fellow believers and we do not want to be a stumbling block to others.

I remember one time shopping for a swimsuit at target — which is a place I like to shop for clothes. This time I was trying on 2 piece swimsuits and I honestly felt uncomfortable. I chose not purchase one there because it did not feel right.  I then texted my husband I did not find one there but had to go to the mall to find one. I started at Sears and stayed at Sears and yes I found one. I found a cute swimdress for sale and yes I brought my husband back to show him. If it mattered to me then it matters to him. I am his wife and his opinion counts.

Our daughters need to learn how modesty is important, and it needs to come from both parents. The girls needto know that they are his treasured possession.

How will you help your daughter pick the right swimwear?

Will all of you sit down for a meeting so that you will be on the same page?

Will you explain how modesty is important to your family?


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