Shirts and Modesty

Shirts have also changed through the eras, centuries and times. They hhahave gone from modest to short and sheer. To regular shirts being very low cut.

There are many times while shopping for shirts I search for many things. Having a comfortable shirt is important to me. Yet for me to be conservatively dressed is nice but yet it is hard to find.

Shirt shopping is hard but yet when you know it is what fits your convections beliefs and such. Let us not get upset when we cannot find anything. Sometimes it will take awhile but do not give up. Sometimes when you are not looking for something we normally end up finding it.

Remember we need to reflect Christ and reflect Him in all we do. This goes down to the clothes we wear. Survivors also need to be able to find clothes that reflect Christ.

How are you reflecting Him with the shirts you buy?

Will this change the way you donate to survivors?

Will you pray before you donate to survivors?

Name one place you would donate to survivors of a Natural disaster.

Do you donate to your church?

Do you go through your clothes you donate so that you know you are reflecting Christ?


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