Shorts and Modesty

This is one post that is hard to write because it may differ from everyone’s opinion and such. This is just my observance and it is hard to write on the modesty topices I am taking on this year in this series. I want to respect your families opinions but also know I honor that too because they differ.

The short lengths I have seen have been getting shorter and shorter for the summer months but yet it seems they are taken to the extreme. They have gooten shorter to the point where they draw attention to places they do not need to draw attention too.

A young gentleman shouldn’t be drawn to the physical aspects of a woman/young adult but the their inner beauty that God has given them. Women are made in the image of God and we are also his workmanship.

As parents we need to have a certain length of shorts just as we need a certain length for skirts and dresses. As we shop we need to to have made the decision of the length of shorts. This descision is between you and your spouse, and that reflects your family beliefs/core values. No matter what stick to the decision of this length.

Now let us take the perspective of the survivor. This is unique but it perhaps maybe difficult to handle or perhaps struggle in. There are many things that will happen in the donation area. Many donate items that either too short or no longer wear. Remember these donations need to be continually reflected on your family’s core values and beliefs. Sometimes giftcards are the best donation. Donating to a church that has a ministry as one for survivors of natural disasters.

Have you and your family sat down to discuss the length of shorts in a family meeting?

How have you prayed over your decision concerning this aspect?

Have you prayed over this?

Have you decided to help a family in need with getting summer things?

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