Modesty and Skirts

Of late I have noticed that skirts have gotten shorter and shorter and also much more sheer than before. Many times I have seen young women showing showing more than normal (this is what I have observed.)

I grew up going to a christian school here in the Joplin area. Yes, it was conservative too. Skirts had to be a certain length and if it was not you were written up. I rememeber one time getting wriiten up for my dress being too short but I did not know it at all until I was written up and told.

The skirts I enjoy wearing are the maxi skirts that are simply worn with a nice tshirt and cardigan. These skirts are nice length wise but as older women we must be willing to set an example to the younger women in not wearing the sheer ones but also wearing it to glorify God in who he by what we wear.

Skirts have changed oh so so much throughout the times and the eras. Look back at the 1800s where everyone wore skirts to the ground and long sleeves too. Let us also tie in heavy stockings. 1860s the women wore hoop skirts still ankle length and many layers also. Yet the young women began to change the way they dressed. 1900-1920 the women wore ankle length skirts/dresses with heavy stockings but it was slowly getting shorter. Sometime in the early 1900s the skirts came to tea length and then finally knee length. Then we catapult later in the century where skirts and dresses are extrememly short.

Skirts have changed since the eras, but also the dress changed too. In time they grew shorter. Even what we wear our daughters will mimic their mothers. We as believers know the standard that God wants us share Him with others but the world wants us to mimic it. The way we dress should reflect the inner beauty that God gave us to lead others to Him.

Survivors when they begin again, they regroup and such. Donations are a variety of clothes and sometimes finding clothes that fit family values/core beliefs can be hard. They sometimes have struggles to choose the world or family beliefs.

What changes are you willing to make with God guiding you?

Do your dresses/skirts reflect your familys core beliefs and values?

Are there changes you need to make in order to reflect your families beliefs and core values?

Do your donations to help survivors reflect who you are in Christ or the World?

Think: is this skirt or dress something to give up or can I donate it else where?


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