Modesty is very unique but it is an important term:

Modesty is (via
   1. Freedom from conceit or vanity
   2. Propriety in dress speech or conduct

The two parts of the definitionare important to very many people. When we are modest it frees us from conceit or vanity. It frees us from being uppity or perhaps snobs, and drawing attention to ourselves. Drawing attention to ourselves is not what we need to do but we need to draw attention to Christ.

The second part of the definition of modesty is propriety in dress speech and conduct. Meaning in our speech we need to reflect Christ. In our dress to reflect Christ and last but not least to reflect him in all we do. We represent and reflect Christ to others.

What does Modesty say about you?

Is there anything you need to change  or that God is leading you to do?

How is God leading you to change things?

Will this change the way you donate to places?


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