School Time Again

It is that time again this year. It is time for school (sorry it is late and I know many schools have started). The time for back to school shopping. The time to get clothes for your children, and the time of the year where we as parents desire and want our children to dress right. We do not want our children to attract unnecessary attention from anyone.

As mothers who are believers we want our daughters to dress nicely but not like they are trying to attract attention. In the society we live in, the less you show the more attractive you are. Not!! This is not the way we want to raise our daughters.

Modesty is very mportant to those in our faith. We are to be a light shining out into the world. Shining brightly to others to bring them to a saving faith.

Now the other side of this is, what if you were survivors who have gone through a disaster? Yes, a disaster survivor deals with the same thing and yet have a unique struggle. They are rebeginning again and getting things in order for the new life and routine. As they shop, they have a different ways to get things. The survivors who have a stong fairth modesty will be important to them. They will search for what they want but the know how God wants them to be like and how they see Him.

How will you help survivors who are shopping for modest clothes?

What will you donate to reflect your faith?

Will you help survivors with the clothes they need?

What are your donations going to reflect you personally or beliefs?

What are you willing to bless survivors with?


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