Perspectives of Survivors and Outsiders

How often do you realise that survivors are everyday people? They have the same pains you and I feel. They know the hurt of words from people who have said things that hurt them. Survivors have struggles that are unblieveable but the disaster has magnified some things.

The disaster has changed everything. It changes lives. It changes perspectives. It changes the way you look at somethings. It changes how you view everything you own. This change is called perspective but it is viewed by the survivor but not the one who is on the outside.

The insider in on the disaster has changed so drastically over night. This perspective is unique to the survivor and not the outsider. This perspective is something that was the first definition of the survivor during the first few months, but this definition is a new way for the survivors. This definition is unique to the survivors, and it will be part of the new definition for their lives.

As an outsider — has your perspective changed since the disaster?

As an outsider how has the disaster made you realize how life can change quickly?

As an outsider on the disaster — has it afftected you?

What is God changing in your heart toward survivors?

How is God using you to reach out to survivors?

Has God helped you realize that words hurt others and that it is time to make things right with them?

Name one thing that has changed in your perspective since the disaster.

How have you helped a survivor & learned their view?

Are you willing to let God change your perspective on the disaster?


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