Summertime and Survivors

It is now almost the last part of the summer. It either has been hot or cold. Survivors have been sifiting through their belongings. They have cried over the past serveral months due to their lives suddenly changed.

This is now a part of the survivor who has developed new sleeping habits. Sleeping is very hard to rebegin the first few weeks of a survivor. I remember struggling when I had to restablish them. It took almost a full year toredevelop them. A child may have an even harder time restablishing their sleeping habits.

New routines are hard to start. Sometimes they take longer to get in the groove of things. It takes time to find everything they will need to find.

As fellow believers we need to be praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ who have gone through the times of struggle. They need the support of believers who just need to be lifted up to the Lord and their needs.

You may have donated what you could financially but are trying to find ways to reach out to help others. There, are plenty ways to help. Prayer is one of them.

How has the Lord lead you to pray for survivors?

What areas of a survivors life do you feel lead to pray over?

If there are any families in your area, what can you do to help them with rebuilding their lives?

How can you pray for families with young children?

What is your response to others?

One response to “Summertime and Survivors

  1. Great as always. I know this is an older article, but still perfectly written. God has done a work in your life and heart.

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