Messengers are those who run back and forth delievering messages to people. The messages are sometimes important other times they are not.

We are the to those in times of disasters. They spread the word through the television, newspapers, organizations and yes the churches.

Many times the secular organization help the city government who need help. They help get the city back on its feet and how to get through every sector of the disaster. There will also be messengers from other cities who have gone through the exact same thing. These messengers know the truth of how to get the city back on your feet.

Then you have the messengers who help clean up the survivors lots. Messengers sometimes show up to look good and others can see them. There are other messengers who show up to work and to show the love of Christ to the survivors. They show up to love others and to help others and to help others begin a new life in him.

Messengers are to know that serving in a disaster zone they are serving loving each other. They are to serve out of love not out of selish ambition.

What type of messenger are you?

Are you a messenger who serves Christ? Or Self?

What type of message do you need to obey God in bringing?

Where do you feel God is calling you to serve Him?

Is it in Bible Study Fellowship? In a child’s Sunday School?

How many times does God bring your service back to Him?

Are you doing it for yourself or for others?


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