A Letter To The Survivor is Struggling

Your journey has been a struggle these past several years or perhaps months. It has yet to be easy. It has been hard to recovering somethings. You have yet to find ground to settle upon or perhaps to settle down. You know that everything will eventually be okay and that there will be strength to go on.
The tornado or natural disaster was never even on your agenda. In fact it was not on your bucket list. Yet God has plans for you, as you tell your story, He will be glorified through it all. He has plans to be glorified in your story and yes mine.

A disaster may have taken many things but yet it has not taken several things. Life has changed I know but God has better things in store for you and your family. Yes, you still have things you are dealing with, but with God in your recovery there will be so many blessings.

Recovery is hard at first and yes there are things that are lost but you are here for a reason. A reason that God has deemed. A reason to glorify him. A reason to worship the One True King. A reason to praise Him.

A reason for God to make Beautiful Things Out of The Dust.

Trials are to grow you to become fully dependant upon God.

Grows you to find shelter in The Most High.

What are you doing to find shelter in the Lord?

Is He your shelter? Your delieverer?

Are you constantly looking to Him?

Are you praying for all the survivors in your town?

How are you reaching out to the survivors who are struggling?

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