Belong — Five Minute Friday


Today is the day many bloggers gather together to write on one topic and chime in and encourage one another in Christian love. We link up @ Lisa Jo Baker. All write for five minutes on one prompt that we are given.

Today’s Prompt is: Belong

Get ready! Get set! Now Go!

Belong is what many of us yearn for whether it is our families, or readjusting to our new place in society we all yearn to belong one way or another. We yearn to belong where we were but God’s idea of belonging takes us to a new level.

As a survivor of a natural disaster belonging took on a whole different meaning. God wanted me to belong to those who have survived a natural disaster to tell others belonging to the survivorship of the survivors was important because as one I know the feelings of what the new survivors have gone through.

No matter which way it is. A survivor belongs to a unique group that God has created to tell of His Work through the storm up until this point. Some are sad stories yet other are quite joyful. Some seem deceptive, while others are unsure. Yet every survivor has a place to belong (Stop!) In the story God has written for their lives. He knew who would belong to Him and who would bring glory to him throughout their survivorship.

Belong is important but when we belong to Him, he directs us where we need to go, and to which group we belong in.

Linking with: Lisa Jo Baker

3 responses to “Belong — Five Minute Friday

  1. What a powerful message. I pray that God continues to use you in the lives of those similarly affected who don’t have him to turn to.

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