Tornado Shelters Part 2

Tornado shelters were few and far in between in homes growing up as a child. Yes, there were times we we sought shelter underneath the stairs as a child. Underneath the stairs was the only place to be.
In Southwest Missouri there have been at least 530 tornadoes that have been in the area I grew up alone. This includes where I live now.

When my husband and I purchased our home a few years ago it had no shelter. It had been on our mind since what had happened in 2011. The room we sought shelter was the bathroom and it was a small and tight bathroom. In order to keep us all safe plus our dog we began to look at safe rooms. Now there are 2-5 businesses in the safe rooms and they build them. My husband and I explored each and every possibility. Some companies had stories from tornadoes while other didn’t. The one we chose had 3 stories plus many more from the Joplin Tornado. Twistersafe had shelters that went through the Joplin Tornado, Moore Tornado and Baxter Tornado.

The company we chose was Twistersafe ( because it is a local mom and pop business. They build each shelter to the owners specifications. They have many models to choose from. The models are online and yes you can choose extras in the shelter too. When it is delievered they will place it where you want it, down the a “T”. They let me inspect it too. They will also train you on it.

Thank you so much for reading about how to choose your shelter and I hope you and your families are safe in whatever part of the Country you are in.

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