Fear and Survivors Part 7

Many may have wondered why I wrote on this topic of fear. For the most part it is what I have had to deal with when I was a child. Afraid of thunderstorms but God’s purpose and plan for me was to be able to share it and to show what he has done in my life.

He wanted me to be able to share with others so I could tell others what he has done for me. To tell others to not panic when severe weather is going to strike but not to panic from them. I am so thankful for those who are around me who are understanding and yet understand those who are afrais of storms.

God will give each survivor a way to conqour fear. He will place people in their lives to help them in their recovery. It will also be in the manner he sees fit to. He will also put scripture given to them through notes, cards, and yes prayers to. Friends who are wanting to see their friends come to a full recovery. In conclusion they will see their friends come to know Him at a deeper level.

What will you do to help your friends who have survived a disaster?

What scripture will you pray over them as they heal?

Will you ba present in their recovery process?

Are you listening to God as He gives you directions to help a survivor recover?

Here are two of my blogger friends who have written on fear, and they have some more information to help them recover: Angie and Cheryl


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