Fear and Survivors Part 6

Fear is something of this world. It is something we deal with in this world. Fear is of the world but not of God. Fear is not created by God but of our enemy. Sometimes it is a struggle for the survivor who has no idea how to manage it. Yes, as a survivor myself it has taken time to get over it.

The thing is God wants us to turn to Him so he can help us conquor it. He is the one we can trust. We can trust him so we can let it go. He comes beside us to help us with the fear.

One thing that must be done is to be in his Word constantly. We must be in the Word in order that we can know his voice and to listen to Him. Listening to Him must be done everyday. He will guide us in the way he wants us to conquor fear. God will expect full obedience when the time comes. He will expect to obey in order that we can be set free from the fears we have.


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