Five Minute Friday: Messenger


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Today is five minute Friday where bloggers meet @ Lisa Jo Baker and write on a prompt for five minutes and link up together to encourage one another. I missed last few weeks due to some things going on.

Today’s prompt is: Messenger. Now Go!

Messengers can either bring good news or bad news. They can be positive or negative. They either help growth or hinder growth. To a survivor who needs strength messengers need a good listening ear. They have a message but the message is unique to many and knows that God will give the words to them.

Messengers who are sent to disaster zones know how hard it is for the survivors who need light to the days that are dark. They know the messenger is to help not hinder (sometimes it is the exact opposite in it too). Messengers bring food to those who need it and yes it can be spiritual food too.

God’s messengers are different. They bring love, joy,calming, peaceful, et al to the survivors. These messengers are there to bring truth to the hurting. Life (stop) to those who need him. Joy to those who are his. Jesus to those who need the blessed Saviour in their lives.

As a messenger ourselves we need to let God work through us as we minister to those who have been struck by disasters. We need to realize that there will be people who will be back to work n the community and do not need to display or show the church in a negative light. Messengers need to keep everything in check including when they go anywhere in the disaster zone. We will be accountable for how we were like Christ and how are actions are a messenger in a disaster site.

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7 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Messenger

  1. Visiting from FMF! How true your words are, especially when dealing with disaster victims. Disasters leave survivors so vulnerable and in such a hurtful state….it is our job to edify them and show them Christ’s love!!

    • Sarah — having been there myself, it is heartbreaking when many messengers are not edifying Christ or anything. It still can be seen here in Joplin, and other places too.

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