Fear and Survivors Part 4

I know this is a unique perspective on fear, and yet for awhile I was unable to write on it due to the topic at first. I set this aside and God gave me the go ahead. Yet God helped me deal with my fear in His presence.

The moment fear creeps in I have to give it to him. I have to let it go. I was also taught that I needed to put on praise music so I can worship Him and then the fear will disapate. This actually calmed me down.

As a survivor I only had my NookColor to use for this purpose. My iPod was drying out and yes here I am three years later with it still working. I had originally used my iPod to put me to sleep and to awaken, but it was not working so my nook had to do. My boyfriend (now husband) helped me put music on it so I could sleep. This was for all the sleepless nights I had. Yet now God continues to help me get my rythym back.

What instrumental hymn/praise cd would you purchase for a survivor?

What praise music will you purchase for a survivor?

What plan or idea has God given to do for a survivor?

How will you pray that this music tousches a survivors life?


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