Fear and Survivors Part 3

Storms of life come and go. They come at the least unexpected times. They come as small storms. They come as large storms. The storms at the most unexpected times. No matter what is going on the storms of life will hit.

Life has such unexpectes moments. There are moments of blessing and moments of stormy weather. Life has been given to us by God and he gave us the breath of life. Even in the hardest of storms of life he is there through it all.

Yet the storms of a survivor is different. They encountered a storm that took away. They encounter life a new but uniquely different pace. Storms that they will learn from. The storms of a survivor are unique and taylored to grow them. It will depend on how they accept the challenge of life.

As the storm begins it is real blustery around them. They are in a daze. A daze all to common when they are in the first part of their survivorship phase. This can last a long while or a short time.

The next part is the new dreaded routine. In all pure honesty this was the part I struggled with because I missed my old routine. My old routine was something I was comfortable with but God’s purpose was to grow me. And move me to my next phase in life.

Finally the last part might be to deal with the fear that came from the storm in their life. God will help you deal with anything and His purpose will prevail.

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