Fear and the Survivor Part 2

After the disaster hits and for several months there may be some fear in their life. They may jump a little when the sirens go off. And for some it may stress them out.

A survivor learns many new things. They will learn eventually to get over their fear with the power of God or they may just hold onto to it. Remember finding the root of fear and where it began and then ask God to for help in removing it. God knows how to remove your fear and anxiety to.

It all begins by us as believers by going into His presence. His presence is where we continually seek Him for whatever need we have. He gives us truth which will set us free.

As a survivor who has come through many things with God right beside me. He knew my fears and my struggles but He will not let me go through it alone. He will always be beside us when we go through trials and struggles.

What scripture could you pray over a survivor concerning fear?

What scripture could you pray over a survivor dealing with their fear?

Will you actively listen to what God says for you to do for a survivor who has been dealing with fear?

How will you plan to carry out what God tells you to do?

Will you listen to His plan and not yours?

What Scripture has He given you to help you deal with your fear?

How will you pray over a survivor who is dealing with fear?

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