Overcoming Fear Part 1

Fear is part of an everyday life for most people. Yet there are times when it can overtake people and their lives. Fear overtakes some where they can hardly do anything at all. Yet this is not what God would want for us. He wants us to be free. Free to run in so many ways. Freedom to tell others what He has done for them. Yet there are still many who are still clinging to the “what ifs.” They have no clue as to what he could do for them.

Ever since I could remember, being afraid of storms. They would always awaken me from the thundering noise. Yet I would always go to where I felt safe. It was normally my parents room. It was my childhood fear but it was different after the Joplin Tornado. I had always been leery of severe weather and this includes tornado sirens.

Here is the kicker! I live in tornado ally. In tornado ally sirens are a part of everyday life in the spring during severe weather storm season. The sirens can actually save your life if you choose to take them seriously. To be prepared when you take shelter is very important. Yes, I may be going off on a rabbit trail but it needs to be said.

This may only be part one. Fear is something that we should be able to conqor it. It will take time yes, but do not expect it to happen over night. This should be a time of seeking out God to conqour your fears. As a believer there is no reason to fear because our Saviour has conquored everything.


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