Nothing — Five Minute Friday


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It is five minute Friday which means a blogger community getting together to write on one prompt from Lisa Jo Baker. Another thing we do is going to each other’s blogs and encourage each other.

Todays Prompt is Nothing!

Ready, Set, Go!

Nothing, what is there to do? Nothing. Nothing seems big at the time but in the end is bigger than what we think. Nothing seems like a big deal when we struggle as a survivor to recover from the disaster. Nothing is easy about cleaning the salvaged items. Nothing is easy to begin a new routine or work schedule. Nothing is simple in this life. Nothing was simple was when our saviour went to the cross for us.

Nothing is easy about our Christian Walk.

Nothing was easy when a survivor begins a new again.

Nothing is easy when beginning a new sleeping routine.

Nothing is simple.

This world has made an era when nothing seems simple. Stop

As a survivor I know the new road is really nothing simple. Nothing of what you expect. Nothing in our minds.  

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2 responses to “Nothing — Five Minute Friday

  1. Wow. I heard the struggles and the strength of your heart through your “nothings”. I heard the gospel when you wrote “Nothing of what you expect”. Very powerful. What a gift you have to take nothing and turn it into something beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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