Hope Runs by Claire Diaz-Ortiz and Samuel Ikua Gachagua

Claire was a jet setting young women who set goals and accomplished alot of things. Claire travelled throughout the world but her most memorable trip was to Kenya,Africa to an orphanage. Claire met Samuel whose father died and mother abandoned him and his siblings. Samuel had only the ones in the orphange but God knew what he was doing.

God brought Claire and Samuel together through the organization Hope Runs in which Claire and Lara introduced the orphans to running. The children were new to running but it exposed the children in the orphanage to something new and yes even to orphanage.

Claire and Samuel grew closer and closer to each other. Yet Claire felt God doing something and wanted to bring him to the states. Yet her parents could not adopt him and so Lara and Claire began to do the parenting from a distance. Seeing and yet reading how they did the long-distance parenting but also how they encouraged him to try harder and make some goals.

Claire married an Argentinian man and Samuel was able to attend the wedding and to enjoy it. He was able to be with his family (who he considered family). They continued to challenge him and keep him on track for what God wants him to become.

He became Global Citizen Of the Year, and he waited until he could go elsewhere in the world. He went to Ecuador, and it was unique and he was able to grow in many aspects. He learned a new language of Spanish and actually learned what a true mother was. He was loved like a son by a mother but also how a family works and the dynamics of a family.

Claire was one of the first workers for Twitter and continues to have a huge social media print in the blog, Facebook and Twitter World. Who had the heart to help a young Kenyan boy to grow up and to have a life she had. She is also one who has faith. She jumped into a parenting role of such difficulty but did this all with love.

Samuel wants to be able to know his brothers and sister better but also to give them what he was given. For Samuel to continue acccomplishing his goals in such a way. He is an inspiring young man who had all the odds against him but he continued to excel. Excel in school,extracurricular activities to being diplomatic.

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