Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the road are very normal. Everyone has them. Everyone plans something only to have the Lord’s purpose redirect them in where they are supposed to be going. Sometimes it is not always easy, but other times it seems the path is smooth. So smooth that you forget about the rocky part in a marriage, with a child or a teenager, but yet he always brings you back to where you need to be.

The life of a survivor has a different perspective from anyone. Amidst everything they have gone through it draws them closer to the Lord and his plans for them or perhaps you. You may never even know why you were placed in their path, to help them recover, to give them a reason to rejoice, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding.

No matter how hard the bumps in the road are hard to get over but they are to grow you in your faith in Jesus. They mature you to help you grow deep down in your faith. They help you make decisions to help you know which way is best even when it is the most unpopular route to go. How often do we want to go down a path that is meant for someone else and not us? How often do we know that truly is our path. What do you need to do to listen to him closer?

How often are you in His Word?

How often do you truly worship him from the bottom of your heart?

Who do you choose, the world or Jesus?

Who do you need to show Jesus to?

A cashier at a bookstore?

A clerk at the bank?

A retail associate?

A small child?

A member of your family?

Who needs Jesus?

How can you help them see Jesus amidst the bumps in their lives?

As I am writing this, bumps are a way to bring us to Jesus or some who are driven away from Jesus.r


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