The Kissing Bridge by Tricia Goyer

The Kissing Bridge by Tricia Goyer is a breath taking book that draws you in from the moment you open it.

Sometimes things do not always go right from the start, and even the dreams can be hard to get to. Sometimes it takes a rift but sometimes the rift is there due to a misunderstanding.

Rebecca has experienced some heartache and grief with the loss of her sister and truly has the heart to help others. She has a deep desire to become a nurse but her community does not approve of the Englischers way of life. Yet she isn’t a member of the church, for she has not been baptised. Yet she has come so far in the world of the English. She worked on getting an associates in nursing in a unique way. So she leaves and begins her journey across country, and ends up in Montana, at the home of her best friend who used to be Amish. She has not made it to her “final destination” of Portland.

Caleb chose to go to Montana to think things over. He has his family is begging him to come back to Ohio. Caleb and his grandfather had a disagreement over something, but before they could reconcile. Caleb is upset and frustrated. Caleb goes and works in Montana to find what he truly seeks.

Rebecca resonates with me because I see her deep desire to help her community in the midst of them not even wanting to help better her community. She yearns to better her community with getting a medical degree. Yes, she wasn’t a member of her church, but God’s plans are best.
  She makes me realise that dreams are important especially if they are a desire given to you by God. He gives us the desire of our hearts if we continue to follow him and follow his voice. In every circumstances do not look right, but are right in God’s plans. Rebecca also realises that she is choosen by God and He chose her.

How many of us do not realize that God chose us for a specific reason? A reason that we are to glorify him in all things. A reason to bring others to him.

Will Rebecca and Caleb start dating or get hitched?

Will their faith stick or go away from their faith?

Will Rebecca be able to fulfill her dreams as a nurse?

Will Caleb be able to get past the hurt that is locked up inside of him?
I am happy and blessed that I got to review the books.

***I was sent this book from Zondervan and Tricia Goyer for my honest Opinion and yes they are all my own.****


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