He knows and Moving Forward

Moving forward after a disaster is important. We cannot live in fear of everything the whole entire time. We cannot live on constant eggshells. Memories yes are there from the trauma that you face, but God is the cornerstone of our future.

Despite the struggle anyone has ever had from the Joplin Tornado. There is such a hope in Jesus. He came to this earth for you. He came to die for you and for me. He died so that we could be justified through faith and sanctified through his blood. No matter how you think, and putting it off to come to know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, it will be too late. He wants a relationship with you today.

If you think, later I will do later. Please do not put off accepting him into your heart. He wants to have a relationship with you. He wants you to come to the wedding banquet (Matthew 24). He wants you to be part of the wedding party. He wants to be part of you. He wants us to worship us with everything we have got.

Back to the orginal content. As the years come through after the disaster you will come to realise that you need to come to the conclusion are you afraid of storms or tornadoes? This conclusion may be a simple conclusion or a complex issue you have dealt with as a young children.

Yet Jesus knows your answer.

He knows where it orginally has stemmed from.

He knows what you need to figure out. He will help you figure it out.

He knows your deepest need. Jesus His Son.

Knows your deepest fears.

He knows your deepest struggles.

He knows who you truly are. So the mask is worthless.

He know how real we need to be with him and our relationship with him.

He moves us closer to him when we need him the most.

He moves us closer when we seek him.

He knows every fault we have.

He knows what we need when we do not know what that need is.

He knows when we are joyful or in mourning.

He knows what pains us the most.

He knows.

He knows. Yes he knows.

He knows our life.

He knows who needs his Son in their hearts.

He knows it all.

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