3 year Anniversary of the Joplin Tornado

It was this day at 5:41pm everything changed for the city of Joplin. A long night ahead as everyone rushed to see if everyone is okay. Rushed to dig survivors out of the rubble. To find those who did not survive.

It changed lives that evening. It brought many people together, and others apart. Yet even today, married now, which is amazing in itself. Remember this is the second time an EF5 Tornado tore through the country.

Remember the 31 days to pray for Joplin? Well let us begin a new one.

1. Let us pray for the city council to make wise choices in regards to the rebuilding of Joplin.

2. Pray for the survivors who are still struggling with recovering from the disaster.

3. Pray for the children as they go to new schools in the disaster zone.

4. Pray for the new construction going around town.

5. Pray for the construction of the tornado shelters in the Joplin Districts, and the surrounding districts.

6. Pray for the construction of the New Joplin High School to be completed on time for kids to enjoy coming into the new school.

7. Pray for the new Mercy Hospital to be completed on time, amd for everything to be in its right spot ready to be used.

8. Pray for the nurses and doctors who have survived in the Tornado, enable them to be able to return to work at the hospital.

9. Pray for each survivor that each of their needs will be met in such a way that they know it is God.

10. For all the low-income homes to be built and meet all the standards that they have to meet

11. Pray for the families who have lost a loved one in the storm, especially for Will Norton’s Family.

12. Pray for the low income families that God will provide for them, and that they will see God Himself.

13. Pray for the families who are in the middle class that they will God in their Journeies today.

14. Pray for the Pastors who have ministered during the tragedy that God will give them strength to continue.

15. Pray for Mission Joplin to be able to reach out to those who need it the most.

16. Pray also for Mission Joplin to lead those who need Jesus to Him.

17. Pray for Joy in the voice and the eyes of the survivors.

18. Pray for the those who are still in grief, and let their grief to be lessoned.

19. Pray for guidance of the Pastors as this Month continues.

20. Pray for the one who need God the most here in Joplin who are survivors.

21. Pray for those who struggle the day before and the day afterward. Pray God will give them peace and comfort throughout the day.

22. Pray for the city this day. Pray for peace and calm to be on this day no matter what.

23. Pray for strength in God as this day moves forward.

24. Pray for life to be enjoyed today, even when it is hard.

25. Pray for compassionate supervisiors to survivors, and for their hearts to be softened and brought to God.

26. Pray for grace admist days that are hard.

27. Pray for celebrations that had been marred by the tornado.

28. Pray for strength when the storm sirens go off, and calmness when they need it most.

29. Pray for continued rebuilding in the disaster zone.

30. Pray for trees to be able to stand strong admist not much coverage.

31. Pray for the joy to be there even when it is hard in the anniversaries of the Tornadoes Anniversary.

This is the 3rd anniversary of the Joplin Tornado. Yes Joplin has changed and has come back strong. It is a unique day but also the weekend my birthday went out with a big bang. Yet there will be many things that will come and go.


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