Stormy Weather and Survivors


                                                            ***All Rights Reserved on pictures and blog****-

stormy weather is normal for many parts of the country. Spring especially for many parts of the country. We do not control them but God controls them. He controls them each and every way. He knows our reactions. He knows when we panic, and He knows when we are at peace. He knows everything. Yes, you can hid your feelings from other people but we can never hide our feelings from God. Storms happen in many different areas. Storms in the finacial world. Storms during marriage. Storms with your children. Storms in many different aspects. The storms will come up suddenly and unexpectedly. Sometimes you may not realise that the storm of life is to show us how we fully depend upon God our Father. We must learn to depend upon God and His path for us. No matter how hard it seems. God is always patiently walking beside us reminding us of the path that is going on. He knows the way we should go versus the way we want to go. He knows what calms us. He knows our strengths and weaknesses. He knows everything. You may say He is the Know-It-all. He is for he created us.

He knows the struggles we go through.

He knows the fears we have.

He knows our joys.

He knows our tears..

He know what we need when we need it.

He heals us. He knows.

He knows what is making us weak.

He knows what distracts us.

He is the joy.

He tells us not to fear.

He tells us that the fire, rushing water will not harm us.

He is always with us.

Life may have storms but when we trust God he brings us through it.

No matter what we are going through our God is always beside us. He knows our needs. He knows our weaknesses.

He knows what ticks us off.

He guides us through our struggles.

He guides us in the hard places of life.

No matter where or what we have gone through, He is there.

Please do not give up in this storm. He is here.

He never leaves nor forsakes us.

He stays beside us.

He is our joy. He grants us favor.

He loves us enough to give us his Son to die on the cross for us.

He gave us Communion for us to remember his death and his promised return.


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