Remembering Moore Oklahome

Today is the one year anniversary of the May 2013 tornado that struck Moore Oklahoma. They are still in the midst of cleaning up. Sometimes even upon the one year anniversary there are many who are still struggling with what has happened that day one year ago today.

There are a few things we must remember:

1. Everyone has a different healing time. Do not push anything. Do not assume they are where you are in your healing process.

2. We must remember to listen not to speak but listen to them. When we talk and realize that they need a listener and such it will be very beneficial.

3. Grief. There will still be grief during this time. There are families who do not have a family members because of the tornado.

4. When a tornado is coming, be sure to take cover in the safest place possible. Do not try to get pictures on the video camera. The goal is to be safe, not in getting hurt.

Let us continue to lift up Moore Ok. Let us continue to cover them in prayer.

1. Pray for the city officials as they begin and continue to rebuild the city and the neighbourhoods.

2. Pray for the families who have lost loved ones in the schools and in other places.

3. Pray for any new medical facility that is being built, that it would be built with speed and everything.

4. Pray for the survivors and their needs, as various as they are.

5. Pray for discernment for the survivors.

6. Pray for wisdom for the survivors.

7. Pray for confidence for the survivors.

8. Pray for healing for the survivors.

9. Pray for the health of the survivors.

10. Pray for God’s Word to make an impact on the survivors.

11. Pray for the Bible Study Fellowship classes, and for them to be able to finish the year completely strong.

12. For the volunteers to have a humble servant attitude and for them to be kind to others as they go out into the community.

13. Pray for the Leadership needs of each of the Bible Study Fellowship classes.

14. Pray for the low-income classes with no homes.

15. Pray for the low-income homes to be rebuilt.

16. Pray for the families who have rebuilt, and their children to adjust to their new homes.

17. Pray for the humane society to get the pets found completely with their owners.

18. For the hourly workers to have an income to support themselves or be able to help their families. 19. For the roads to be resurfaced and smooth.

20. For this day to be smooth and relaxing for the families, and if sirens blow, let it only be a warning.

21. For them to have another good memory with everyone they know.

22. For families new life to be one that is lived together.

23. For the children to have joy in their new neighbourhoods.

24. For the city to have compassion upon their survivors in the city.

25. For the city to grant mercy, and grant an extension to clear their properties.

26. For the city to see God through this all.

27. For God’s glory to be shown to everyone.
28. For God’s grace to abound in the pouring in of volunteers.

29. For God’s mercy to come out and be shown to everyone.

30. For God to be the bright shining light admist the tragedy of one year ago today.

31. For the pets who went through the storm to be okay.

This is the new 31 days of prayer for Moore Ok. This one can replace the one last year that were published on the hope journey, and yet you can also still use the old 31 days of prayer with the new ones.


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