Time and Survivors

When we think of time. We think of an amount of time. We think of what it is worth. The amount of time it took. Sometimes we never even realise the time it takes for recovering from a disaster.

Disaster recovery can take many years for an instance. Some recover quickly others much more slowly. Sometimes it is hard. There are some who have struggled to recover.

We have all heard that time heals all wounds. Yet the wounds are only healed by Jesus who took his sins upon him when he died on the cross. The wounds that every survivor has from the storm can be healed through Jesus if they have Him as their personal Saviour and Lord. The time since the disaster may have changed but some struggled since.

Time sometimes brings back hard memories for some but sometimes the memories I remember are childhood memories of riding around the neighborhood. It would either be on my bike with friends or on my scooter. We always were playing together. Whether it was cold or not we were always playing. We would be shooting basketballs or perhaps playing a game of kickball. These are the good times you want to remember the blessings of the times there.


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