Survivors & Stress

There are many things that can stress out a survivor. Sometimes it is the date it happened. Sometimes it is the month it happened. Sometimes it is the time it happened. There are times it is a simple everyday thing we use in a public restroom: da-dum the electric handdryer. Sometimes it is the car wash. It could be the sirens. It could be the storms. It could be any type of trigger.

These are everyday things we deal with everyday. Yet to the survivor it is worse. The storm messes with your ears due to all the pressure it controls. The storm survivors who have been through it have a unique perspective as does the storm survivor who is a survivor but was not home at the time. Each will have different triggers to the severe storms/tornadoes.

These triggers can sometimes hurt you. Sometimes it is just the struggle to get off the hook. Each survivor has a different trigger. It will trigger in many aspects. Sometimes storms make them uneasy. I still love storms, being safe in my spouses arms, but yet the sirens tense me up. They have always made me tense.

Please do not get upset or mad at a survivor when a trigger hits. It will quite possibly make it much worse than what you could imagine. Remember that they need to have your support, even when it triggers, supporting the survivors. Each day it is different.

Springtime is the time for the Severe weather throughout the upper Southeast part of the country to the Midwest. I have been in the Midwest since birth. I have seen tornadoes destroy cars as a child. I have seen a lot of severe storms. I have been protected in each instance including the one on May 22nd.

Even though I was north of Joplin during that time being protected and with my boyfriend (we married in December 2011). There have been moments that just make my skin crawl. Sometimes I jump from the sirens going off.

The other thing is


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