A Letter to A Survivor

Dear Survivor,

I know that this is not what was in the plans you and your family to lose your home. I know you are not sleeping well. I know that your children miss their own beds, and their favourite animals and such. Your belongings are scattered from here to there. Perhaps in other peoples homes. You are worried about what your next move is or where your family needs to go next. It is a hard time I know. I have been one of the weary survivors.

Yes, I know there are many things that you need to do. Do the hard things, and yes this includes the salvaging. Sometimes you may never even know what you find. Sometimes you will find the most unlikely items. Some have found items later than they expected. Some have found other items they did not expect. I know that if you are a book reader that losing your books is hard. I have been there personally myself, and it is hard. I have found ways to rebuild my library in many ways.

Clothes are a necessity. A need. This is where going to Walmart is the only place to go. Maybe it is some other box store that you have dreaded going to. Yet getting a small set of clothes is important. Two sets of clothes is enough at this given time. I do not whether you have lost your entire closet or not. Yet if you are able to get the clothes be sure to rinse them and then begin the wash cycle. Remember that no matter God will provide no matter what.

Children will go through many different things. This includes nightmares, or perhaps day terrors. Remember that they will be going through many of the same emotions and yes the grief process will be prevelant with them too. Children, maybe small but they also need safe and creative outlets to help them through their grief. Pray for the right guidance in everything. Pray for the right therapist if they need one. Pray for the right heart motives for you to help them through the process.

For you as the parent. The recovery time will take time. It is not a time that will be healed overnight. For some it will take a few years and for others it will take many more years. This is a grieveing process, but the new life and routines are a blessing, and wonderful. Take your time and rest in God’s care and everything.

To the survivors co-workers and bosses. Your worker has been through a lot in such a short amount f time. They are in a grieving process and it could take awhile for them to be able to fully comprehend everything. What they need now is grace and mercy, not extra stress. Giving them grace and mercy is one of the best things you could do. Life is about making an impact for Christ but not about numbers. Let their mind pick up what tasks they can do. Sometimes it may mean doing something that they need to get done due to the big projects that they are pressured into getting done.

To the survivors bosses and corporations, this is not easy to say. It is easier for your worker to heal and be able to get their work done, than forcing the pressure upon them. They need to know that you are behind them. Behind them to help them in their recovery process. Behind the to know that they are loved and are wanted there. Numbers may seem to matter but relook at the numbers for that disaster zone, and revamp the stores goals or perhaps give them a new mission. Never lose sight that customer sevice is important. It will always be imporatant, and more important than numbers. If you are head of the company I challenge you to go and see what you can do for the city and the survivors of your company. Your workers are not numbers but people who have feelings and need to be treated with kindness.

What do you need to do?

What encouragement to survivors do you need to do?

What truths of God do you need to hear or share?

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