Tired and Survivors

Survivors and being tired is normal. Their tiredness is like returning from vacation and needing an extra week to catch up on everything. The difference is that you do not return from the trip but go through a disaster. They are survivors who deal with everything underneath the sun. They have several different insurance company things. Finding temporary homes to deciding to rebuild in the same area or in a new area.

Just because a survivor is tired really and honestly does not mean for those who are on the outside should add even more stress and weariness to the survivors life now. They are susceptible to other things right now, including illnesses. Keeping healthy admist everything is vital to anyone who is a survivor. Please help keep them healthy they need it. Please let me remind everyone that we need to support everyone no matter what their troubles are.

Even as the first year of survivorship comes upon them we need to continue to be a supporter and being a eurstress and not someone who will distress them. A eurstress is a good stress not a distress which is a bad stress. Being a eurstress is vital, it is vital, because you are able help them regain ground they need. Regaining ground is vital but also be aware that they will need to be able to talk throughout it. This recovery can take years to overcome, but God can be the one for them to go from one place to another.

Tired does necessarily mean the physical aspects. It means we need to be able realise that it can sometimes also mean in the emotional, mental aspects. It is not all physical. Believe me I know. There are moments it feels like I am drained but it sometimes it also means being able to tell my story. Being tired means that we have expended much more energy than what someone else has expended. Survivors know they have a hard journey ahead of them and each aspects of the journey will vary depending on what happened and where they are at.

As I have mentioned this, life is different, and nothing is the same. Everything is so different. They will have moments of struggles and moments of elation. Who knows what emotion will come out of it the next moment. They have people who will be behind them the whole way but then there are others who struggle the entire way. Either way you look at it, as an outsider you can or be someone who wants it your own way but refuse to help them get where they need to be emotionally etc…

How will you help a survivor overcome a state of tiredness?

What will encourage others to help the ones who strength the most?

Is your motive what is in it for me or how can I serve the survivors?

What can I learn from God and the survivors?


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