Roller Coaster & Survivors

Roller Coasters. How many love them? How many despise them? Roller coasters give thrills where they scare others. Well you see that survivors have a roller coaster ride they begin the night the disaster strikes to the ending a few years later. They begin with a smooth incline before the dramatic drop which is the disaster itself.

As it begins they are jostled around by everything they have to do. They are jerked sometimes by everyone around them. They are jerked because of work. They are jerked because of their family and their safety. They jerked in so many directions, by work, family, the government and everything else.

As we think life is not smooth. Life will throw us curve balls left and right. Sometimes it is a struggle and sometimes there will be blessings hidden deep down inside the struggle. Sometimes there is an emtional roller coaster that they will go on.

Here are some things to do help the survivors on their roller coaster:

Pray for the survivors and what they are dealing with. Sometimes you will never know what is going on with them. Do not be afraid of ask for specifics to pray for but remember they may not see the specific need but let God show it to you. Celebrate the good times with them, and to enjoy where they are at in the healing process. Sometimes they are in get togethers with friends. Helping them we help them by washing clothes, and cleaning up their lots. Helping them by getting them settled into their temporary homes. Give them suprises along the way. Suprise them with new cleaning equipment, dishes but do this out of your heart. If you do not know what they need then just give them a gift card.

Another reason why it is a roller coaster ride for survivors is that they have to salvage what was their lives. They have to find what is left from their lives. Yet as you go through their lives which is strewn across several miles or more.

In asking of yourself:

1. What is in my home that if blown away will reflect the character of God? 2. What represents the world that will be displayed before the whole town or perhaps world? 3. Who does my heart reflect the most? 4. What reflects my heart the most: God or the World? 5. Does my home reflect Christ or the world?

These questions, yes are in a roller coaster post and survivors, reminds me that while cleaning the home of a disaster survivor. Our bodies are the temple. We house the Holy Spirit who we receive when accept Jesus into our heart. What we take in whether it is of the world or of God, it manifests itself in the heart, mind and soul. It even will be displayed for all to see.

What we do in private will be shown to the world. Even after a tornado with every one of your belongings scattered for all to see. Who do they reflect? Where do need God’s help in your lives? What type of roller coaster would be displayed for all to see when they help you salvage? Will they find things of this world, dark, black and full of sin? Or that of the God, his Words, light in everything you have done?

What is your roller coaster?

Will it display light? Will it display darkness?

What is in your heart will be shown to the world. What truly is in your heart?


2 responses to “Roller Coaster & Survivors

  1. Great post Sara. After helping people clean up their lots you can’t help but wonder how you would feel if all of your possessions were spread out for the world to see. Even text messages, our computers and tablets need to be kept pure. If everything in our life is pure and we keep our eyes on Christ, then hopefully our hearts will remain pure as well. Prayerfully our witness will be one that will bring honor to our Precious Lord.

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