Do Not Go In To Disaster Zones


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The government and the rescuers have requested that everyone does not need to go into the disaster zones. Here are the reasons why:

1. First responders need the routes cleared so they can get those out who need medical help.

2. You as a gwaker do not need nails punctures in your tires, your foot and such. You need your health strong before heading in.

3. It is not always safe for a gwaker, the tv is best for viewing it.

4. You will see things you were not prepared to see. (Believe me it sneaks up on you.)

5. Survivors need prayer not gwakers, but gather friends to pray for them.

6. Please obey what your city official and government have said. They do not need more victims either.

7. Weather is not stable in the Midwest and Southwest, need to be near where you can take shelter.

8. When they are ready to let volunteers in they will let you know.

This is very important when you need to know for a disaster zone. This is something to be very much aware of your enviroment and what is going on in the weather. This storm could pack some more punch too. They want everyone to be safe and sound, and ready to take shelter if and when the tornadoes begin again.

This is very very important to wait until they allow volunteers into the areas. It needs to be first responders and survivors thus far not gwakers. Tv is best from your own place and praying for the survivors and God’s provision for them.

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