Tornado Season…..begins with a bang…


This April 27th the plain states were warned of an outbreak of tornadoes and severe weather. This past Sunday the life group members were present and just socializing when all of the sudden it grew dark in the west. Tornadoes were surrounding the Joplin Area again. I was outside when I took this. Yes, mind you I was safe but seeing what was going on.

It was a few moments later, yes it was danger was intensifying around us but we were safe and did not need to take shelter. The sirens were sounding further south of us but never did ours sound. It was amazing to see the funnel go up and down, but we were amazingly in a prayer protected veil. While at home I saw in one of the two facebook groups, notifications to let them know if I was okay and would I please check in to let them know if I was safe. This was a blessing to me to have fellow bloggers praying for me and praying for my safety. One thing for sure, I am ohhh so excited to get a shelter for times like this. I know we are not the only ones either.

Growing up in the plains I grew used to this type of weather. I was very blessed until the 2011 storm took my childhood home. It may have been something strange but sometimes it is something we need to not be complacent about Spring Weather. Especially Tornado Season. This is a time not to be fooling around.

I am grateful for all the warning signs and ways to get our attention if a tornadic storm is coming through. The sirens will blow and it seems like it goes on continally, but this is for everyone’s safety. There is a need to be getting to your safe room and the safety is one of your number on priorities and of course your children. Grab your preparedness bag and supplies. And just hunker down until the all clear signal.

Let us pray for those who have been hit and who will eventually be hit:

1. Pray for all the emergency personnel to be able to get every within a disaster zone. Prepare them fr what they may be goijng through and protect them too.

2. Pray for the soon-to-be survivors. Pray for strength, wisdom, finances.

3. Pray for the young families with children, pray for the love and presence of God around them.

4. Pray for the renters. Pray for their response and that they have a landlord who is honorable.

5. For everyone who is not involved in the disaster area or anything that they would stay clear of them. Pray that they can find ways to help the survivors in a different.

6. Pray for strength and endurance during the time of salvaging.

7. Pray for the right place to donate. Donating to a local church is one of the best ways to donate.

8. Pray for everyone’s health it is important. Pray that there is no sickness to be within the zone.

9. Pray for all the business owners and for them to be insured with their businesses.

10. For the City Officials to make the right choices and for them to be concerned with everything. Pray they can grow and not become a city that gets so much better.

11. Pray for the hourly workers, pray for their wisdom in finances. Wisdom with everything.

12. Pray for all the college students who will be going through this. Pray for strength wisdom, and the making of right choices.

13. Pray for those who are now going through the storms and their recovery.

14. Pray for all the BSF (BSF International) classses from Arkansas to The Atlanta Seaboard. Pray for the safety of all members. Pray for all the children and for all the leaders.

15. Pray for the survivors to get enough sleep tonight, and for it to be a calm peaceful sleep.

This is just the first 15 things to pray for during the first Tornadic outbreak. This is just the first part the second one will come shortly.

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