Extended Family and Survivors

Every family goes and visits families, and sometimes they are close and sometimes they are far away. Every family has visitors and sometimes it is out of true needs. Families bring items to the families who have suffered from a disaster.

When visiting survivors, be aware that you are coming at the hardest time of their lives. a time when they are picking up their lives. Visiting or volunteering at a disaster area will be difficult but with God’s help. there is nothing greater than God. Families helping families through their own families. Many things are a struggle to the survivors but disaster strikes reach out to the families.

Visit those who are struggling after a disaster has gone. Survivors need it. It can be a blessing to survivors even during the hardest of times. No matter how hard it is to the survivors know that their families will take care of them. Family relationships with extended family is vital at this time.

How will you help your extended family through their disaster?

What has God laid on your heart to help your family?

Will you obey immediately or not obey?




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