Invite and Surivors


Invite. A simple word. A word that wants us to encourage us to encourage others to come to something we believe in. Yet we are also inviting them into our lives to see who we are. Are we doing life together with others? Are you inviting others into your story?

We send invites to parties, to wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties and many types of parties. Yet there are times we do not invite the most important guest to our party. It is a guest who should be invited to everything. He, is Jesus, who should be invited everywhere. He wants to come to each of our events and such. He should be seen in our everyday lives and be seen by others.

Jesus needs to be invited to every event from a baby dedication to a furneral. He is the one creator who made us and invites us to a relationship with him. Invite him into the simple mundane tasks of our lives. Invite him in to the daily lives.

Invite and Survivors, two different words but very unique words. Survivors get to be invited everywhere they go to tell of what God has done for their lives. Sometimes they have the most difficult job to do by speaking of what happened. Yet this will be all for the glory of God and what he has in store for them.

How will you invite a survivor to tell their story?

Who will you invite?

Which type of disaster survivor will you invite?

What is God prodding your heart to do?

If He is prodding your heart to do something, please be obedient and obey. Because no obedience is disobedience.


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