Sincere with Survivors

Encourage - Lisa Jo Baker - Five Minute Friday

Everywhere we look around us we see the world pushing through the faith that we have struggled to hold onto. We fight it day after day after day. There are days that we seemingly are seriously distracted by what the world throws at us but do try to fight back with the Living Word. Sometimes we just do not have the energy to dive into His word, but yet it can be the healing balm for the soul. Life in Christ has not been easy nor will it ever be an easy road to walk. Yet when we walk in His word he will guide us through everything. We will be able to continue in the journey forward to regain the strength that was lost.

Being sincere with a survivor is from the heart. It helps us know that you care about us and want what is best for us. False sincerity gives out false hope. Sincerity with God’s word is the best. Never underestimate someone praying for you. Even when you need it most.

I remember sometime ago, volunteers coming through my line at the bookstore, they asked if i was a survivor. They then wanted to pray for me. Pray for strength and wisdom in my finances. What a joy it was for me to have this unexpected surprise of sincerity.

Will you be sincere with survivors?

Will you mean what you say?

 Will you be honest with them when you pray with them for their needs to be met?

What is in your heart? Are you being honest with yourself?



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