Writing, Survivor, Tornado, Renewal of Writing

Writing for me has honestly been hard since the tornado. It has only been within the last few months that the desire has been coming back.

Before the Joplin Tornado, I would write out promises in notebook upon notebook, in journals anything I could get my hands upon. I would just write. Many times I would write things down as to how I was feeling and sometimes it was not easy with the memories. There were many times I would record the persecutions of what was happening at my job. Sometimes it was words that hurt me and nothing no matter what I did with my job or how God was doing something.

Writing was another way I would escapee all the pressure around me. Writing help cleared my thoughts, my vision, and to listen to God so much closer than before. I recorded what was spoken to me in the lectures and the notes. Much more many things I did record that have been lost. Lost to never be found again. Lost to never be seen or used again. I had empty journals ready to be written in and some halfway written in.

Writing has always been something I have always done no matter what. It was to remind myself of what God had done for me and where he was taking me on my journey.

Then the Joplin Tornado hit. This was a time I struggled to write. Feelings were all bottled up and unable to be voiced let alone computed. Life can throw you a loop but when a disaster hits it is a struggle to get back where you once were.

Survivors struggle, and sometimes it is getting back into the swing of things. Gettinbg back to normal without a time frame is hard. They choose to put other things first before hobbies, and such. Sometimes it takes a whole lot longer sometimes depending on where they are in their recovery time. No matter which way you look at it survivors are regaining ground that they have once lost.

When you help the survivor regain ground help them to remember what they enjoyed and had the most fun.

What can I do to help a survivor truly get back to normal?

How does God want me to help a survivor get back to the hobby they loved?

Where can I help them?

Truly understand as hard as it is for a survivor to regain ground when the disaster is over. Life has changed for them. God does not want you to be the one to have a survivor stay in one spot, but to gently moved them one. We do not want to superglue a survivor to one spot or another spot. Remember that you may have them discover a totally new hobby that they would have never even thought of.

As writing is coming back to a full fledged passion, it excites me so much. It excites me to see where God is taking me. I know I can only write for two days, and have fun with Five Minute Fridays @ Lisa Jo Baker. Yet most times I do not want it to be all dull with nothing exciting here at the hope journey, which it will never truly be. Keeping up is so much easier too, and it truly does not overwhelm me. It does not.

Writing is meant to be from the heart and it has been hard to gain it back. It has been something I have done since I was a young child. It is something that can be a blessing when the desire is given again, but fully knowing that God can and will control the writing. He controls everything including how he gives me the words to write.

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