Willing and Survivors…

Willing. What are you willing to do for God? What does he have in store that you need to be willing to do?
There are times that what we are willing to do is different that what God wants us to do and doing his will.

Willing. Simple word. Simple choice.

Sometimes you wonder, oh what is in it for me? What can I do to gain attention?

Here are some ideas: theatre plays, sports, talking about yourself, and many other things. Yet here is what willing hearts can do: teach children his word, teach a Sunday school class, clean a room, help survivors clean up, help others by giving them a chance.

Willing and survivors. What do these two things have in common? There is plenty they have in common. Life changes when disaster strikes. Life changes when it strikes. Life will not be the same, but are they willing to relearn new things. Sometimes we are, and sometimes we aren’t. Willing.

Willing to let others know that God has everything in control and we must be willing to accept who he is and what he has planned for us. Willing to accept the hard things when we do not know what he plan is. He is the one we must be willing to follow God when it is hard. Life may be hard but willingly we will learn and have a change of heart.

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