A Beauty So Rare By Tamera Alexander


A Beauty So Rare is Tamera Alexander’s latest release in the Belmont Mansion Series.

It is post Civil War in Nashville Tennessee, and Eleanor Braddock a widower arrives along with her ailing Father. She is struggling to help aid her father with him having some mental issues/dementia. She knows it isn’t going to be easy placing him in the insane asylum, for those with dementia, doctors were still learning many things in the medical field.

Eleanor then travels to Belmont Mansion where her aunt Adelicia Acklen resides. Her aunt wanting what is best for and stays true to the promise she gave her brother about taking care of her niece. Which means she wants to find the right match for her niece, in the best that society has to offer.

Marcus Gottfried (Godfrey the English Version) is a archduke from Austria who is a horiculturists who is working diligently to make a more sturdier, heartier flower. Marcus and his Father do not see eye to eye. With the fact that he wants his son to return and to be able to be in line for the throne. Yet Marcus’ heart is pulled in so many different ways. He is also a “friend” to Eleanor’s father, who just loves him, but struggles to remember his own daughter with the exception of her childhood nickname.

As many of us know the medical community had asylum homes back then for many reasons. One was for the care of those who, yes were crazy and for those whok did not remember their families but olden times of long gone, or dementia as we know it to be today. My heart went out to Eleanor who was struggling in her widowhood to care for her father, and his violent temper tantrums. She was strong and poised as she visited her father with the uttermost love, care and devotion a daughter could give. She did wonders.

Her aunt Adelicia, took care of her niece like she should in this era of our history. She had the means too, and yes introduced her to society like she should have been. She loves her niece wants what is best for her niece but struggles tod truly understand what her niece needs. Friends who help her through everything.

Eleanor, a war widow does have a heart for those who have come to Nashville who are seeking their husbands, sons, and fathers. She gets this idea for her to help them with their new lives by finding a way to help them have a place to live and such, but will it come together in time? Will it be the way it is supposed to be? How does she handle it? Read and see.

I give A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander 5 stars for being so descriptive of the Belmont Mansion, the garden, and the garden’s conservatory. She has all her characters in depth plus their personalities. It also seems that we are stepping back in time to Nashville post Civil War.

It can be found in both book and ebook format.
A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander is another book in the series plus To Whisper Her Name is a Bell Meade Plantation Novel. All intertwine with each other plus each can be read as a stand alone novel.

You can purchase here:
Barnes And Noble

**This Book was sent to me by Bethany Publishers for my Honest opinion and review. All opinions are my own.


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