Praying For Moore,Ok; Tuscaloosa AL and Joplin,MO

As many of you know Moore, Ok is still in the recovery phase from the tornado that hit last May 20,2013. They still have a ton of debris to get up and lots of lots to still be cleaned up. Yet the city will not grant extenions to the survivors who have to clean them up.

Pray for the city of Moore to grant the survivors extensions for the removal of debis. Pray that the survivors will have the funds and be able to remove the debris.

Pray also for the upcoming spring season, that everyone will be safe in the Tornado ally.

Pray for Tuscaloosa, AL that they will be able to find cover or begin to put in storm shelters. For the University of Alabama, to set up the right procedures for disaster and the campus. For them to find ways to enable safety for their students.

Pray for Joplin, MO that the city will continue to make the recovery efforts they have made. Pray for the schools to get the shelters in for each of the districts that chose to put them in. Pray for everyone as we head into storm season.

Pray for those hit in STL and in St. Charles for them to have everything in order and Safe during this next season of storms.

Tornado season varies from the SE to the Midwest and the Upper Midwest, pray for the safety of the people and for everyone to get to safety where they are at.

Pray for calmness of parents with young children. Pray for them to realize they are safe and that God is there too.

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