Balanced Challenge Day #11 | Just The Beginning

Balanced Tricia goyer

Well today is the last day of the Balanced Challenge by Tricia Goyer. It is also time to just keep trying to do one chapter until you get. This never was easy for my husband and I. It took him to help me see I needed to balance out my leadership with family life. Also how God showed us what to do for our family. He showed me that I need to work on leadership when they are not at home but I can get more done and everything.

Amazingly enough this has worked for me. If your child is in school use the hours to slowly get what you need accomplished bit by bit, and eventually assign chores to your older ones. This will help tremendously. Do not be afraid to fail, through my failure I have learned what works for me and what does not work for me. We all need to try try again in order to find out that victory is sweet.

Yet this is only the beginning. A beginning that will bless you for sure. A beginning if getting into His Word or perhaps praying, will set the tune right and the day in order. This is where and so much more God will bless you. Seeking God to work and help us with our schedules, is one of the best things we can do. Giving him our schedule and what we need to do is a blessing because he knows it all. He knows your heart and your desire. He will guide you.

Yet you ask. What if I fail again, Sarah? It is okay, failure and struggles are normal in the walk with God due to our human nature. Let me ask this.

Are you part of a Bible Study? Do you have a quiet time with God? Do take all your needs to Him in prayer and supplication? How often is He included in your writing? In your daily examples in your blog?

Are your kids in more activities than you can handle? What activities do you need to cut? Keep in mind, Bible studies, and Wednesday activities are important to your family. What is the most important spiritual truth you need to teach them?

Do you keep hours that you want to be able to blog? Do you write elsewhere in other apps used for notes when you are not on your main laptop or desktop? Do you ask God for ideas or does he impress them upon you?

Where is God leading you and your family? Is he the one you turn to in the midst of struggles? Is he the one you ask for help when you need help? Has he impressed upon your spouse to help you with your children and chores around the home?

Where is God in this challenge with you? What is the most important thing you hope to glean from during this challenge? Are you working on your priorities and your eight, but also submitting them to God?

I know there are questions that you are reading through up above. Yes, and I know that they are very pointed. Someimes we have to answer the hard questions in order to find out where God wants us. It is okay to bring these questions to Him. When you hear his voice and what he wants you to do. You need to obey without hesitation. For slow obedience (no obedience) is disobedience. We have to obey him in every way shape and form. He will guide you and show you the way to walk and His word will not be void. What he plans it will happen, and the best place to be is in his will, and being obedient.

So I pray that you can do one chapter at a time until you can accomplish one thing with God’s help. He is the one for you.

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