Balanced Challenge Day #10 | Sarah’s Eight

Balanced Tricia goyer

In chapter 10 Tricia talks about her eight most important things. She challenges us to write about our eight. So without further adu here are my eight.

1. Marriage and parenting — being on the same ground as my husband when we need to make an important decisions, but also with the parenting of his daughter from His first marriage, for me to be involved meticulously.

2. Helping others through their disaster – it could be any type of disaster, to be trained and help with other disasters.

3. Godly mentoring which is through lifegroup, Bible Study Fellowship, and yes even online.

4. Family-centered in my family that we are honoring God in what we do. Whether it is through games, family fun and everything.

5. Teaching children. Teaching children has been such a joy to me that it makes it special when I am teaching. Yet this part of the eight is divided into two.
A. Teaching children in BSF (a children’s Leader) which is a joy, to be able to have time teaching the children, yes, even hard truths. It is a joy to me seeing them learn God’s Word.
B. Teaching in Church – 2’s the church has a wonderful way to reach out to those who need God’s Word.
Both of these are eradicating Biblical poverty in the unique way.

6. Hope in the hard times including disasters. Being a survivor of a disaster there is hope even when it seems there is none. The hope is in the Lord, who is there no matter what.

7. Writing to reach out to others who have gone through a time of struggle, or perhaps a disaster. Writing to give others a view as to what goes on in the mind of a survivor, and volunteer to glorify God. Not to help others gain a “Look at what I did” attitude, but one of being humble.

8. Last but not least: church and lifegroup. Church and lifegroup are very vital in every aspect. We are so blessed to be involved in a church and a lifegroup that does life together. This will also include doing life with the other group you belonged to.


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