Balanced Challenge Day #9 | Relaxation and My Inspiration

Balanced Tricia goyer

What many may not fully realize is that I read book after book after book. No matter what I would always find my self at the library at church or at school. I would just devour books. I also slowly began to develope a habit of writing. At first no one would want to write. Here is the kicker, I am a major introvert and writing helps me get through what I have gone through. Yes, sometimes I am not always consistent but try to be consistent.

I also love books that are written by classic authors. I am making my way through them one page at a time. Sometimes classic books are not easy to read due to the time period or something else (most times it is a book just labeled a classic scares people off). I read many authors growing up, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now when it comes to writing. Writing is always inspired by God, and I need to capture what he is wanting me to tell others. Telling sometimes simply in a poem, or what I have gone through in my writing. My husband knows that this is me, and encourages me to write and yes read (he is encouraging to me when I tell him I was/get to do this). He knows that when I write I give my full heart into it, and I am able to tell other about books, or just reach out to someone who needs it.

Life is full of suprises, and yes, we each have talents and gifts. God made us each individully and we need to glorify Him in all that we do. Understanding what we do best is. Yes sometimes I see the inspiration from others to write and what has been to be made me, but I am writing to glorify Him. Only.

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2 responses to “Balanced Challenge Day #9 | Relaxation and My Inspiration

  1. Sarah, I really feel a kindred spirit with you in this area. I love to read as well and always have. Writing is a skill I’m trying to learn. It’s challenging, it seems to take you to a whole new level of thinking. Great job on your blogging! Keep going!

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