Balanced Challenge Day #8 | The Inspiration

Balanced Tricia goyer

Welcome to Challenged day #8. Today we are talking about Chapter 8 in Tricia Goyer’s book Balanced. It seems that sometimes we struggle with even finding inspiration in something. Or finding out what truly matters I our life.

Today chose the tip of going through our closets and finding clothes that do not fit us anymore. Let say this, being married for now almost 3 years (in December this is) and having weight now put on. I do not fit in clothes I used to be able to wear.

Now there are clothes I cannot wear because they are too small. I have a huge pile in our master bedroom that needs to be give to Mission Joplin (a store with no cash registar) where they help those in need. I have gone through so many clothes at this moment that I need to bag them and take them in. This is something that must be done because I cannot wear these clothes ever again. These clothes would be a blessing to someone else who would need them

Digging through the closet may not be what anyone would want to do but in truth, we need to give away what does not fir or ill-fitting on us. We need to bless each other. Bless them with clothes that are gently used and worn.


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